We want start giving you an insight into a few things that we come across and give you some advice to prevent possible engine running faults and timing chain failures that we see in our workshop. The first thing we experience is nearly 60-70% of the MINI’s that pop in require oil. The way the vehicle runs for smooth operation require good oil pressure. When the oil is low, it can generate check engine warning lights and poor, hesitant running. This because the Valve Timing is controlled by Oil pressure via a Solenoid Valve (shown in the picture). When the oil is low the main engine components use the oil available and due to the position of the Solenoid Valve less oil reaches it. Added to this the Valve does have a small filter attached which becomes blocked when either low oil supply or poor maintenance. We recommend that the oil is checked weekly at first to gauge usage of oil but it is quite normal for oil consumption to be around a liter of oil per 1000 plus miles. Furthermore we also believe that the Service interval is far to long. SWSSMINI recommends that the Oil and Filter is replaced every year regardless of mileage and even more so if your vehicle has been modified or if the you’re MINI does a low annual mileage We recently had a modified R53 (Supercharged) in for an engine strip down due to a “Big End” knock. The Oil Filter also pictured had basically broken down and started to collapse on itself, thus resulting in low oil pressure and ultimately engine failure. Another common misconception is if the your beloved MINI has covered a low mileage. If anything this would be more important to do so than say I vehicle that has been used on regular basis. The reason is there can be a higher amount of unburnt fuel in the oil which eventually cause the Oil to breakdown and create moisture. Here you can see that build up of moisture in the Camshaft Cover. This picture was taken from a 2007 R56 with only 50,000 miles on the clock.

If you want us to check your Oil you can pop in anytime or alternatively give Phil or Pierra a call to discuss Service recommendations and options 02920 473040.